About Celine Photography

Celine Photography belongs to Celine Gregory-Hunt.  She uses this website to promote her skills as a photographer and as an artist to a wider audience. Celine is passionate about Pitt Island, her ancestral homeland that has served her family for more than 5 generations (for nearly 170 years).

Celine Gregory-Hunt Photographer

The Gregory-Hunt name echos through the passage of time here on Pitt Island. Click here to read about the history of European settlement on this rugged, remote and remarkable outpost of civilisation and you may get a glimpse of why Celine truly is a Pitt Islander and maybe a little bit of an understanding about what that means.

Celine uses her camera to capture life on the islands. She loves capturing the landscapes and seascapes around her as every day is different here on these rugged rocks n the South Pacific ocean.

Celine also does commercial photography, including portraits and wedding photography. Her vast collection of images are highlighted here on this site, but truly do not cover the wealth of images she has collected.


If you are after something special to remember your Chatham Island connections, have a look through this site and you might just find what you are looking for here.

small-card31-1024x723If you want Celine to photograph a special occasion for you, her contact details are on the contact page.

For quotes and prices, just ask Celine.