Celine is a 6th generation Pitt Islander. She is the only resident photographic artist on remote Pitt Island, on the edge of theĀ Roaring Forties. Her works adorn the walls of accommodation providers, corporate andĀ private offices and suites all over the globe.

mini-logo3Celine markets her images, prints and canvas’s through the internet and by word of mouth. She has a natural talent with the camera and although she does dabble with colours, she does not indulge in too much post-shooting image manipulation. Most changes are made through the camera settings and through the lens. You will not find too many re-coloured or ‘manipulated’ images here.


Celine Gregory-Hunt Photographer

Welcome to my website and online Gallery. I’ve included a pretty good selection of my work here and as you will see, there are some spectacular photographs from some of the most remote parts of New Zealand, available for you to look at, buy and download.

Please remember though that each of the images on this site are my property until such time as you have paid to use them. Please support an authentic Chatham Island Artist by not just taking the images.”


Celine Photography also promotes and sells a number of works through her merchandise pages. Feel free to have a look through there for that “special something”.

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